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 i want in yours aliance

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i want in yours aliance Empty
PostSubject: i want in yours aliance   i want in yours aliance Icon_minitimeSun Oct 12, 2008 5:41 pm

Account name:cristiani
Current population:172
Amount of villages:
Current rank:5526
Quadrant location:(130|103)
Relative position of capital:(130|103)
(round to 10s)
Time zone:+2
Army size: 150 clubswingers
Normal activity in hrs:10 hours or more(more in weekends)
You sitters names:none for the moment

Boring info
Are you being farmed?:
Are you being farmed by any Heart member?:one
Current alliance:none
Why do you want to join Heart?:because Yakette play with me in another server
Do you know anyone within Heart and if so, who?:just little

How much experience do you have with playing travian:3,6 years
Ranks on previous servers:i don't remember
Position in previous alliances:i don't remember

Are you:
Defensive or aggressive?agressive and little defensive
Hunter or merchant?hunter
Warlord or diplomat?diplomat
Funny or serious?serious
Loud or silent?silent
Lay-back or ambitious?ambitious
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i want in yours aliance Empty
PostSubject: Re: i want in yours aliance   i want in yours aliance Icon_minitimeSun Oct 12, 2008 6:31 pm

You have good army and you have well defend your ressources by spend max you can.
Wellcome on the gang at new pirat

Apply accept topic closed.
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i want in yours aliance
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