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 Soulrender's Application

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Date d'inscription : 2008-10-13
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PostSubject: Soulrender's Application   Soulrender's Application Icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2008 10:40 pm

Hey guys, I am Soulrender, I just started here as a Teuton, I am also known as Zigeuner on server 2.

I know yakette from last server and he helped me getting a high and solid defensive rank.

I just started here and hope to have a little more luck on this server, I don't need to worry about the people here though, its cool that some BGS guys are here:)

Account name: Soulrender
Tribe: Teutons
Current population: 53
Amount of villages: 1
Current rank: 17574 Sad
Quadrant location: north-east
Relative position of capital: 85 - 235
Time zone: UTC +2
Army size: 0 sodiers
Normal activity in hrs: I am usually online from 17:00 till abouts 23:00, 12:00 in the afternoon and sometimes 7:15 in the morning (work sucks), in weekend im online all day, just not after 20:00 until 13:00~~, a rough measure but something like that, cause I need beer then Razz
Your sitters names: None

Are you being farmed?: No
Are you being farmed by any Heart member?: No
Current alliance: None
Why do you want to join Heart?: Because Yakette is in it and he's a good guy, and some other BGS' people are here, and I like the kindness of the community.
Do you know anyone within Heart and if so, who?: yakette, i have seen bgs people like mrfluff, duke ragereaver and cynthlen.

How much experience do you have with playing travian: I was gauls on s2 but I joined really late + I started in a position between fierce enemies of my alliance, I am having tough times there and even if I would sit tight, I can't keep the enemies around me up as they use gold 24/7, I started with catapulting neighbours but when I lost my offensive army I started producing alot of defense, nonetheless I still have hard times surviving and don't think it would become anything good in the near future.
Ranks on previous servers: My rank on s2 is about ~1700, but that is because I started really late.
Position in previous alliances: I have the power to invite/kick, change discription, add NAP, enemy or confed, rank up a member.

Are you:
Defensive or aggressive? I used to be gauls but now I am teuton I certainly plan on being agressive.
Hunter or merchant? Hunter.
Warlord or diplomat? Warlord.
Funny or serious? Funny but serious when needed definately.
Loud or silent? (Mostly silent, definately silent when needed (i dont make myself look stupid or anything in that direction)
Lay-back or ambitious? I am ambitious although I won't pay for gold or stuff like that.

I hope that's enough, too bad I started 2-3 days ago though, if I had knew about this earlier I'd be here way earlier.

Gr Zigeuner!
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Soulrender's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Soulrender's Application   Soulrender's Application Icon_minitimeTue Oct 14, 2008 4:55 am

You look like in heart T location.
ask M.T an invit.
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Soulrender's Application
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