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Guild from Travian S5.com
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PostSubject: About Heart   About Heart Icon_minitimeMon Sep 22, 2008 3:44 pm

Heart are a guild from Travian S5.com

Why chose "Heart" as a name?

<->Player is the heart of the game.
Without them the guild not exist.
The foundement of Heart based on the involvement of each player in the guild who work for the guild benefit.


Guild politicy:

<->Player be the most important for us.
We decide to bet on our player for win.
This is not a matter of size, experience or power who prime in our requirement but more the involvement of people for their guild.
For heart: player who involve build a guild strong. And guild strong make player more strong.


Goal of heart:

<->Win the S5.com.
We fix no limit of what our guild can do.
We know our succes depend only of the player involvement.
Only that will fix the limit of where "Heart" can go.


Heart way of work:

Heart wish to be reconised for be the best guild.
We don't ask or force our player to use gold. "Gold can be an help but not a solution for evry problem."

Act in guild or in local team.

Player must not act alone as possible.
Remember you have friend in the arena.
Contact your "Heart" neibourg for orginised local def or attack opperation in the arena. (Or manage to sit each other for be more active and effective)
Contact your leader team, if you have troop, problem or be under attack for allow him to help you and also the guild.

Be Orgenised:

We will manage maps, good leader team and some aplly for make sure evry one can work better.

Be Professional :

Some tools or tutorial can be disposed for Heart people, we invit evry member to aknowlege their self or ask question in the FAQ.


Their is a lot of solution for expand and make a guild work better.
But all of them depend of each player involvement and activity.
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About Heart
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